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Is this also gonna work for me ? Are you doing Incoming? Are you doing outgoing? Are you an incoming & Outgoing Tour Operator? Are you an Airliner that needs to make reservations for their crew? Are you an Agency Network? Are you a Hotel Chain? ….

IX Transformer, The MUST HAVE Platform for the tourism Industry, offers you cross-sales, connecting to you partners by API, set up your own company network, your own funneling strategy, able to create different brands and different websites by using 1 and the same platform, unlimited users, high-load resistant, pre-packaging, reports, yielding and more…..

IX Transformer covers all aspects of operational activities for Tour Operators, Agency Networks, Airliners, Hotel Chains, for effective management.

What means IX QUICK SETUP ?

IX Transformer is suitable for start-ups to large corporations which can benefit from our solutions. Depending on your needs, we or our Vinoran Alliance Member will offer you according to your business needs the appropriate package of tools to enrich your income streams for years to come.

Does IX Transformer INCREASE  your PROFIT ?

IX Transformer improves your sales due to you being able to become part of its Vinoran Alliance Network as well as being able to expand rapidly by offering the tools and tech platform needed for your internal as well as Agency Network with limitless amount of Users. Due to the Vinoran Alliance we bundle our sales volume at destinations which means that the rates for B2B are becoming lower and stronger each year. Perform cross- and up-selling. Reduced costs of IT, as we provide 24/7 technical support and host the software and website on our servers. 


IX Transformer, The MUST HAVE Platform for the tourism Industry, through Vinoran Alliance partners is being distributed worldwide and all your services are available to customers of the Vinoran Alliance worldwide.

What does it mean IX ADVANCED SOLUTIONS ?

Our software is programmed using the latest technologies on the market to help your company operate more efficiently. Through our web sockets we support and even encourage high load onto our IX Transformer. The more users the faster the system works.

The MUST HAVE Platform for the tourism Industry

What is IX Transformer ?

IX Transformer is one single booking engine, The MUST HAVE Platform for the tourism Industry, providing a comprehensive global portfolio of travel components and travel packages bookable in real-time and based on Net Rates allowing Travel Agencies to determine their own margins, put together their own holiday packages. For the first time, holiday packages can now be booked by Travel Agencies across destinations worldwide. Through IX Transformer they will be able to submit the requirements of consumers, rank the search result and make their selections from virtually every available flight worldwide, including low-cost and charter flights, Rent-a-cars and all other travel components from local, regional or global providers. And they can do this through one, easy-to-use interface whilst allowing the Travel Agencies to determine their own prices and margin.

Which are the key components of IX Transformer?
IX Window: In order to create the fastest possible IX-Window for your Travel Agency Network, Vinoran Alliance has developed a dedicated IX Transformer IX-Window. Travel Agencies will be able to easily install this from the website of our Vinoran Alliance Partners either by a link which will be send to all agencies per e-mail. After successfully installing, a desktop quick start icon will appear. When starting the IX Transformer will automatically display the log-in screen specific to your home market.

IX Booking Platform: IX Booking Platform will give your agency network the ability to combine any kind of services for their clients WorldWide. The MUST HAVE Platform for the tourism Industry. A payment gateway for the IX Travel Agency can be integrated according so that the client can pay direct to the IX Travel Agency by bank card or the client pays direct through payment gateway to their Vinoran Alliance Member or the Vinoran Alliance Member has received a deposit from the agency. The agencies will have access to special prices through the IX Transformer.

IX Back Office: IX Back Office is a versatile tool for conducting and controlling operations. The software allows creating partner networks and customizing the terms of sales within them; controlling financial flows (b2b, b2b2b, b2c, and b2b2c); receiving sales reports and statistics.  IX Back Office operates with the “Company” unit. A company is a legal entity that is engaged in any of the following activities: creation of travel packages, sales of tourist packages, rent a car services, organization of charter flights, ticket sales, yachting, etc. The flexible architecture of IX Back Office is designed initially for companies working in tourism industry; however the system can be adjusted and transformed to satisfy demands of various companies operating in a wide range of business fields.

IX Rates Upload:
The system offers a wide range of options for uploading contract rates and creating special offers, discounts, upgrades, etc. It provides a client with flexible settings for the basic rates which allow taking various factors into account. The price table is created once for a standard rate. Special offers, discounts, etc. are regarded as changes which can be stored in the system and applied to the standard rate when they are enabled by the Client. Neither recalculation of the main contract nor creation of new rate tables is required to use the special rates. This dramatically simplifies price setting and rates upload.

IX Images & Content: IX Images & Content is a tool for processing and storing information about objects. The term “object” means various places and services, such as countries and cities, excursions and hotels. The types of objects that are available to you in IX Images & Content depend on your contract. You can use IX Images & Content to get access to a verified database of places, items and services. It is possible to create new objects and edit descriptions of existing ones. You can then offer these objects for sale on your own or through an agent network.

IX Client Database:  IX Client Database can be used to create new user profiles, view, edit or merge existing ones. It also features management of bonus cards points of the loyalty program. Also it keeps track of amounts which are in the clients E-Wallet available. IX Client Database facilitates storing information about your users. The user profiles can be as thorough as you wish; depending on your needs they can contain only basic personal information, or include such details as place of birth, user’s photo, spoken and written languages, identity documents. IX Client Database provides a wide range of filters to search for relevant information. Search results can be exported as an Excel or PDF file.

IX Employee Database

IX Internal Chat:  IX Chat is a full-fledged chat application aimed at facilitating and streamlining communication. Its features include text messaging, voice and video calls, sending of images and other files, private or group messaging. The agencies can chat with each other and share experience.

 IX Transformer has a Multi-GDS connection – what does it mean exactly? Vinoran Alliance is not depending on any particular GDS system and has a connection to all main GDS systems. Vinoran Alliance will always select the GDS provider with the fastest and most reliable technical service and the best product portfolio and rates.

I have an existing agreement with a GDS system for kick-backs. Will it be affected? Your current kick-back revenue stream will NOT be affected at all. Vinoran Alliance will channel the kick-backs to your business as per your existing agreement.

I have an existing Incentive Agreement with one or more airlines. Will it be affected? Your current Incentive revenue stream will in fact be affected positively.  All your negotiated fare bookings (Tour Operator Rates and Consolidator Rates) will continue to be booked via your IATA number. Additionally also Public Rate bookings by your Travel Agencies will now be channeled through your IATA number This means that you will increase your Incentive booking value and be able to achieve a higher Incentive Level. This will immediately increase your Incentive revenue stream.
What will IX Transformer cost for my travel agencies? The software is available for FREE to all travel agencies in your home market!